Tire Pressure Monitoring

What is a TPM Sensor?

Fitment of the TPM to a wheel

Tire Pressure Monitoring

The picture shows just a few of over 60 TPM variants which Bartec have developed activation and decoding software for. The picture includes valve stem TPMs from Schrader, Siemens, Lear, Beru, Pacific and the distinctive blue Ford Corporate specification banded sensor.

Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors

How does a typical TPM work when fitted to a vehicle?

The sensor is activated by vehicle motion (on board sensor accelerometer usually) when in normal operation on the vehicle. When activated it transmits its unique ID and pressure to the car ECU at regular intervals. The car ECU is already programmed with these unique sensors ID's and a working pressure range. This allows the system to monitor each wheel and alert the driver if there is a significant change in pressure in any of the wheels.

Why monitor Tire Pressure?

Most people ignore their tires. Tires are undoubtedly the most critical safety component on a vehicle. Where the rubber meets the road affects traction, handling, steering, stability and braking. Because of this, a sudden tire failure can have serious consequences, especially if it occurs at highway speeds. Yet people neglect their tires and assume that all is well unless they appear totally flat, at which point it is too late!

And now some statistics for you - did you know?

  • Nearly 250,000 accidents per year occur in the United States alone due to low tire pressure.
  • 75% of roadside flats are preceded by a slow leak or under inflation condition.
  • According to a recent survey, it was found that if Americans cut their fuel consumption by 10%, they could save a collective of $2 billion a year. You could be saving $674 a year on fuel for your SUV by keeping your tires properly inflated.
  • Up to 40 per cent of European motorists are riding around on underinflated tires, which affects directional stability, fuel economy, and tire wear rates.
  • Surveys conducted in the UK found that 80% of motorists fail to regularly check their tires.
  • A tire can lose up to half of its air pressure without appearing to be underinflated.

The best tread designs and the most expensive tires are nothing without the air that carries them along. Checking tire air pressures is such a small investment in time compared to the costs related to replacing tires put out of service because of improper inflation.

NHTSA estimates that the installation of tire pressure monitoring systems, which would warn drivers of an underinflated tire, could prevent as many as 79 deaths and 10,365 injuries each year in the US alone.

Bartec plant tools are designed to work with all TPMS from Schrader, Siemens, TRW, Lear, Beru, Pacific and other manufacturers.


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